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The Red Dress

I do love my work. I share joyful parts of my days with children and young people but I rarely share the stories of my women clients. It’s quite easy to be vague about who the children are, which school or group they’re at; with women, if I share something on my page, there’s a chance that they could be identified, as they are likely to be on my social media.

A Lovely Woman I have recently worked with has given me permission to share her story; I am so pleased!

I run a Facebook group for people in the UK who live with one of my disabilities; it’s a lovely group full of wonderful people.

The Lovely Woman in this story joined the group earlier this year and we met at a conference back in May; we had some great chats.

In the summer, she put a post in the group asking if people with our condition often found it difficult to remove (language is important; I talk about this in La Vie Est Belle) weight; I offered to listen if she wanted to talk about why she was unhappy in her body.

We arranged a two hour session.

During the session, we talked about her history, the things she had been told, what she believed, how those beliefs affected her. Then we challenged them. There were tears, there were smiles, and there were lots of deep conversations.

And there was transformation. It was wonderful to see!

A few weeks ago, I said in the group that we met in that I was going up to the hospital in London that’s my closest specialist centre to have some treatment. The Lovely Woman said it would be great to meet for lunch and go to the shop, Vivien of Holloway, where I buy most of my clothes. I happily agreed! Being encouraged to go shopping there is hardly a chore!

She met me at the hospital and we made our way to Holloway Road. We had a delicious lunch, more chats, then made our way to the shop.

On the way, I explained that the clothes are vintage sizing so it was highly likely that she would be a size or two bigger; other women have rejected the idea of the clothes, as they were so concerned about what the number on the label said; the Lovely Woman was not at all concerned. I was very pleased!

We walked in and, as with all newcomers to the shop, she was asked if she wanted to be measured, again, another difficult obstacle for many, so she knew what size to try; the Lovely Woman was happy to be measured. Excellent!

We started gathering clothes to try on. The Lovely Woman picked up lots of dresses and skirts and we started our trying on session.

She had picked up a few red dresses to try. Initially, I thought it was just because she liked red. However, when she came out of her changing cubicle, she told the two lovely ladies working there how she felt about red dresses.

The Lovely Woman said that she had wanted a red dress for a very long time, but she had believed that she could only wear a red dress when she became slim. She had tried so many diets; she had skipped regular meals; she exercised as frequently as her body would allow; but her body retained the weight. The Lovely Woman had berated herself regularly. She had been unhappy.

But, she said, then she had her session with me!

She said that talking with me had helped her see that she is wonderful just as she is, right now. She had realised that she could wear whatever she wants, that she didn’t have to live a life restricted by limiting beliefs. She now appreciated that she had every right to live a life as full and happy as she wanted.

And, there she was, trying on red dresses! Looking beautiful in them all!

It was wonderful to see her so joyful, so vibrant, and so full of the jubilant life that she deserved! I felt so proud of her!

After my work with clients, I often get messages, thanking me, saying their lives are much happier, and much fuller, but it’s not often I get to see the results in person. That was delightful!

Before I finish, I thought I would share this, too; when I asked the Lovely Woman if I could share her story, this was her response:

Of course you can use my story! You really helped me and if it helps others get the amazing help I got from you then all the better! xx

Isn’t that wonderful?!

If you would like to feel this good about who you are, do get in touch.

I love what I do!

Edit: another comment from the Lovely Woman that she's just said I can add 🥰.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for taking me there!! I have never been so excited about any dress other than my wedding dress xx

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