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An older couple laughing with each other, hand in hand, dancing. The man has a grey beard and moustache and is wearing a blue checked shirt and brown leather waistcoat. He has a large, faux sunflower pinned to his shirt and an oversized straw sombrero on his head. The lady has short brown hair and is wearing glasses.
Dance your way to a more confident you!

Inclusive dance workshops

We offer dance workshops for all, whether the cheeky Charleston or joyful Jive, or a session of Strolls to Rock n Roll.

Dance workshops are designed to support mental health, well-being and inner confidence. 


All workshops are fully inclusive and can be adapted for all ages and abilities.


We always love to welcome those who might usually shy away from the dance floor. and inspire a new-found confidence!

Listen to Vie talk about her teaching method

Workshops Availability


  • Beginner's Jive

  • Charleston

  • Moves from the Movies (An accessible  routine to a movie musical number)

  • Strolls (solo dances to rock n roll)

  • Wartime style party dances

  • Party dances


Prices are dependent on group sizes and venue availability- please get in touch to book.

Burlesque workshops

Our founder, Vie Portland is a former award winning burlesque dancer and knows the power dance has to boost your confidence and wellbeing. 

In this four hour workshop you will be given a brief history of burlesque; a description of the different styles; you'll be taught poses, walks, shimmies, glove removal and more. You'll also learn a full routine.

Vie says: " These workshops are lots of fun, a great way to spend time with friends, and a wonderful boost to your confidence."

We also offer one to one tuition for potential performers, current performers, and those looking to learn something extra for themselves.

All routines can be adapted for different abilities.


Prices are dependent on group sizes and venue availability- please get in touch to book.

Vie Portland is on stage, mid shot, standing sideways, her profile facing to the right. She is grinning widely at the camera. Her curly dark hair frames her face and is at shoulder length. She has a purple bow in her hair, gold eye makeup and is wearing red lipstick and a shiny, purple sleeveless blouse. She is making a "strong" pose with her right arm- showing purple tassles stuck to her biceps.
Dance workshops: burlesque
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