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Where Are We Going?

Where Are We Going?" is a story by our founder, Vie Portland.  It follows Emily, a child with a disability, on a magical journey home.


The book has been made possible by a crowdfunding campaign, and is vibrantly illustrated by sculptor and artist, Donna McGhie. 

Vie says: "The first two lines of the book have been in my head for years. They stemmed from standing at lots of bus stops and, on a child asking, "Where are we going?" hearing a snappy answer back.   Having spent many hours waiting at bus stops with children I've looked after, I wanted to encourage others to use their imagination. As we get older, we're told not to be silly, so it's not surprising that people don't feel confident in being imaginative. I want them to feel able to create an adventure where that child could go anywhere, do anything."  

"According to the Cooperative Children’s Book Center in the USA, in 2019, less than 3.4% of children's books featured main characters with disabilities and even then, their disability was the main subject of the book.  Around the age of three, children start making judgements on bodies, theirs and others, so, for me, it was important to write a book that was suitable for that age group, so they could see a child with disabilities having a wonderful time; I want the readers to see what they have in common with her, rather than immediately focusing on where they are different."