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A round faced lady with glasses and short black hair smiles to her right. She has hoop earrings and a nose piercing and is wearing a red top with blue and pink flowers

"If you want to feel good about yourself or be inspired to achieve whatever you set your mind to, then just one meeting with Vie is all it takes - get to know her better and you will marvel at her positivity and want some of it to rub off on you! Vie is a unique, warm, encouraging person who really cares about women and girls' issues and actually does something about it."

-Sandie, Portsmouth, UK

 1:1 Confidence Coaching 

Wherever you are in your life Vieness CIC is here to provide support, with bespoke confidence building sessions tailored to your requirements.

Sessions are very much at your own pace.


Vie's coaching sessions are a friendly, calm and judgement-free space to express your inner thoughts, worries and feelings.


All sessions are fully confidential.



Initial, 20 minute consultation: FREE

One hour session: £80

Four sessions: £280

We operate a sliding scale of fees as we are aware that not everyone will be able to afford full price sessions.


 Please get in touch to see how we can support you.

Two round ladies chat in a community room. One has short brown hair and glasses and is wearing a navy blue cardigan and white T shirt. The other lady also has glasses. She is laughing and has a mustard coloured, cable knitted, sleeveless top on and curly shoulder length hair. She is wearing dangly earrings and an alice band

Group Workshops for Women

Vieness CIC can also provide group workshops for up to eight participants. 


These are led, again, by our founder, Vie Portland and are entirely conversational, with opportunities to ask questions and share experiences.


£250 for a group of up to eight people.


4 hours.

Support: small groups
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