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We Would Love Your Support!

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  • Do you ever think, what Vie does it great?

  • Have you ever thought, what Vie does is needed?

  • Have you ever thought, I wish I had someone like Vie coming into my school or group when I was a child?

  • Have you ever thought, what Vie does to encourage representation is much needed?

  • Have you ever thought, Vie's books are so beneficial to children?

  • If you have said yes to any of these questions, please could you support the Crowdfunder?

Find Your Fabulous!

With my CIC, VieNess Discover You Love You CIC, I teach self-esteem and confidence to children young people, and women; sometimes, I use my books as part of the sessions with younger children, and lots of people have asked me to write a book based on those sessions.


So I have!



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Find Your Fabulous!
The Book!

This picture book is all about boosting the confidence of children, and the readers, and giving them tools to help them when they aren't feeling so good.


With this book, we, Charlotte and I, aim to represent even more children, in as many ways as we can fit in, as there isn't going to be just one character.

Crowdfunder Rewards 2024!

These are the fantastic rewards you can buy to help support the Crowdfunder!


It's a win-win for supporters;

if the target is met, you get the feel-good feelings of supporting a worthy project, and, if you have bought one of the rewards where you get sent a book, you have that to look forward to!


If the target isn't met, you get your money back!


Find Your Fabulous!

The Book!

​3 options available!

  • Hardback Book.

  • Signed Hardback Book.

  • Buy One, Donate One!


All 3 Books For Children!

Receive copies of all 3 of Vie's books!​

  • Find Your Fabulous!

  • Where Are We Going?

  • Who Am I?

And if you would like to share the joy, why not buy 3 and donate 3 to a place or child of your choice?

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All Vie's Books!

This reward includes

  • All 3 of Vie's books for children.

  • La Vie Est Belle, Vie's book for adults.

  • Extraordinary Butterflies, the book Vie compiled, sharing stories of people living with the rare disability she also has.

Your Child In The Book!

How exciting is this?!


Your child will be illustrated by Charlotte and will appear in the book!


You also receive a copy which you can then use any way you wish!



Books And Card Combination!

Receive copies of Vie's books!​

  • Find Your Fabulous!

  • Where Are We Going?

  • Who Am I?

  • La Vie Est Belle.

You also receive Vie's handy-size cards!​

  • A Little Box Full Of Happiness

  • A Little Box Full Of Confidence.

  • A Little Box of Family Fun.

These cards a full of positive thoughts to ponder, which can boost your self esteem, confidence and also a pack of brilliant questions that encourage everyone to have bright and cheery conversations! ​

Teaching Packs!

Calling all educators! 

  • For this award, you will receive a hardback copy of the book

  • plus an A4 planner, packed with engaging activities which promote kindness and self confidence, and has been created in alignment with all curriculum subjects to give you plenty of ideas. 


We can provide a printed option and also a link via email, allowing you to access additional copies for free from the website.

  • As a bonus, you will also receive a selection of Find Your Fabulous worksheets! 


Celebrate A Child

In Your School!

​A local primary school suggested this!


The pupils say who they think should be in the book, & why, & one child gets picked.

As they're a local school, I've said, if they raise £160 or more, I'll go in and read in an assembly & present the book.

There are reward options, depending on how close to SO53 you are.

Donation Of Books
Children Living In Poverty

​Have you seen the saddening news about how many children, due to the cost of living crisis, don't own their own book.

So, with these statistics in mind, I have added rewards where books can be donated to organisations that work with children that are living in poverty.


The Big One!
Confident Students:
It’s all in the teaching training course

A 5 hour course, for professionals, including home schoolers, who work with children, to teach how to create a kinder, more confident, environment.

  • To encourage confidence and kindness in your classrooms, suitable for primary and secondary schools.

Two copies of Find Your Fabulous (One for the class, one for the library)

An ideas pack.

By Donation

​This is for those of you that may not want to buy a book, but still believe in what we want to achieve.

Every penny counts!


Please Share!

The more people know about the campaign, the more likelihood of our dream to come true!​

Please share with - 

  • Friends

  • Family

  • Work Colleagues

  • Corporate Businesses

  • Small Businesses

  • Schools, Home Educators

  • Everyone!

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