Happiness cards to brighten your day! On one side an inspirational quote, the other a positive task!

Includes a welcome booklet!

Beautiful travel size cards which you can use anytime, anywhere.


Vie says: "When I was at my lowest, before I taught myself how to be confident and happy, I would buy self help books. Each time I thought, "This will be the book to fix me!"


But, every time, the new book would arrive and it would make me anxious. It felt too big (whatever its size); it felt insurmountable; it felt like it couldn't possibly help me do what it said, so I never read them.


That's the reason behind my cards. I wanted to create something that was manageable, that was bite sized. With my cards, you can pick out just one card at a time.


With the books, I felt I had to climb a mountain; with my cards, I hope you feel it's a much easier, one step at a time."


Vie is currently in the process of moving house so no orders will be shipped until 5th February 2022. Thank you for your patience 🥰.

A little box full of happiness

  • Pack of 30 80 x 120mm cards.

    Gift wrapping available. Giant teacup not included!