Wow! How did that happen?!

I founded VieNess Discover You Love You CIC in June 2019.

I was excited!

I had plans!

I knew I would spend several months raising awareness of the Community Interest Company (and explaining what one of those is!) and raising money to enable the workshops to teach children, young people, and vulnerable women to happen.

There were lots of meetings, lots of planning, and several fundraising events.

Early in 2020, there were more meetings and bookings were starting to come in! It felt like things were happening! Exciting stuff!

Then, you’ve probably heard 🙄, a pesky pandemic hit us.Bookings were cancelled. Fundraising was stopped. And the few grants I could apply for became even harder to get because there was so much demand.

I did wonder whether I would even get a first birthday for the CIC.

Before the pandemic took hold, I had met the brilliant Dr. Jennifer Jones, and she said I should write a book to establish my expertise in my field (I liked the sound of that “should”).

I started attending workshops with her and, surprisingly, although my expertise building book was going veeeeeeeerrrrrryyyyyy slowly, she did open up my creativity. I wrote two decks of cards, and a book for children I’d had in my head for years actually got written.

Following a successful Crowdfunder campaign in November 2020, my first book for children, Where Are We Going?, was published in March 2021. I was an author!

And the fabulous Donna Mcghie became a book illustrator!

Another deck of cards was written and I started on a second children’s book! The book for adults had started getting somewhere too.

Following a Facebook post where I asked whether people would rather I run a Crowdfunder in August to publish both books, so they would be out for Christmas. or whether I run one in October/November, and the books come out in March 2022, all but one person said August for a Christmas release.