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The Reasons Why

Anyone looking at my social media, even those talking to me in real life, are possibly thinking my mind is definitely on one track right now.

And they would be (mostly) right.

I am completely involved in my Crowdfunder.

It might not seem a big deal to those looking in but, for me, living in the middle of it, there is so, so much more to it than what you can see.

On the surface, it’s just two books. Two books to get printed and sent out. That’s it.

Except it’s not.

Yes, I want those two books to be printed but there’s far more to it.

With Who Am I?, the story is about encouraging imagination, acceptance, inclusion; all important things for readers to benefit from. Emily, the main character in the book, has a limb difference; seeing people with disabilities represented positively, seeing people that have similarities with the reader, is beneficial to everyone.

The questions at the end of the book will lead to wonderful conversations that will be different every time. Yesterday, at a book reading for Where Are We Going?, my first children’s book, a 6 ½ year old (the half is important) I was talking to was telling me about the joys of sea unicorns and how it’s important that everyone is different because it’s good that way; believing that now will mean they are likely to believe that as an adult, which makes them a far more accepting human (and sea unicorn advocate).

With my book for adults, with the working title of Happier, Kinder You, I am sharing my story of some of the things I have overcome and how I did it. It will be a valuable resource, and a source of support, for many that read it. For anyone that has any self esteem and confidence issues, it will give guidance; for anyone with children in their lives, it will give things to consider when with them; for anyone that would like to live a more inclusive life, there are suggestions. And much more!

Then there are the people that will benefit from the books that are bought to donate. With the last Crowdfunder, over one hundred books were donated!! I’m still amazed by that! Very happily so. They went to charities working with children with limb differences (representation is incredibly important!); agencies working with children in care; hospital wards; schools; nurseries in high poverty areas; and beyond.

I would love for that to happen again this time.

WIth “Kinder, Happier You”, the books could be sent to crisis centres, domestic refuges, women’s groups. My story could help someone in the depths of despair have hope. I know it’s what I needed when I was in that place.

And then there is my Community Interest Company.

Things have been really tough over the pandemic. I haven’t been able to do what I set out to do; I haven’t been able to do any fundraising events; many grants have become unavailable to me, and other social enterprises, because of high demand. I started doing things on my “someday” list to help stay afloat; I know that the work I do is going to be even more needed and I wanted to still be around to help.

And that takes money. Money that I just don’t have currently.

If the Crowdfunder is successful, that will mean the books that aren’t bought through the campaign can go on my website and elsewhere; it will mean bringing in a small trickle of money into the CIC, and like the supermarket says, every little helps.

I know things are tough for lots of us right now, and that’s why I have added rewards, so you feel you are getting something for your money, whether that be a book, a notebook, a mug, that you can keep or give to someone else at Christmas, or the happy feeling of buying a book for someone else.

And, by supporting, you are enabling me to continue the work my Community Interest Company was set up to do: teaching children, young people, and women self esteem and confidence. That’s a happiness all round situation! You get a happy feeling from being a kind and generous human; I get a happy feeling because I get to reach more people to help them live more confidently and because I am very grateful for kind and generous humans like you; and the people I work with feel happier because they benefit from my skills and expertise and from knowing there are people like you in the world. Win, win, win!

Don’t you want to be part of the abundance of happiness? I would really love it if you did.



P.S The Crowdfunder closes very soon! Please buy now.

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